Podcast Production

Wendel provides professional podcast production services to podcasters looking to concentrate on creating the best content possible. Whether you’re looking for editing and sound production, help launching a new podcast, or equipment suggestions, Wendel can help.

To learn more about the different aspects of podcasting, please see these helpful links below:


Podcast Production Services


  • Podcast Planning
  • New Feed Creation
  • iTunes Compliant Artwork
  • Submission to iTunes & Podcast Services
  • Full Self-Hosted Podcast Websites
  • Audio Editing (pauses, umms & uhhs)
  • Audio Enhancements (mastering, etc.)
  • Audio Cleaning & Volume Leveling
  • Add Intros/Outros, Commercials, etc.
  • Show Notes, ID3 Tags, & Transcriptions
  • Episode Publication




Don’t be fooled by other services offering ‘plans’ or ‘packages’ for podcast production. Guess what happens when you sign up for a 5-episode/month package, but you only record 3 episodes… That’s right – no refunds, no credits, just wasted money. No two podcasts are alike, and therefore cannot be properly quoted in a ‘monthly package’ on a website. But still, you want to know what it will cost… So check out this Pricing page where you can see the actual breakdown of the costs.


How To Podcast


podcast-production-servicesHere you will find everything you need to start your own podcast – for FREE(ish). You don’t need to spend any money to publish your very own podcast. You may want to spend a little to get a better sounding episode – but you don’t NEED to spend anything. In this series of articles Wendel will show you exactly how to set up your own podcast for free.

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