Podcast Production

Wendel provides professional podcast production services to podcasters looking to concentrate on creating the best content possible. Whether you’re looking for editing and sound production, help launching a new podcast, or equipment suggestions, Wendel can help. To learn more about the different aspects of podcasting, please see these helpful links below:   Podcast Production Services Podcast Planning New…

How It Works

Podcasting is an art form comprised of many, many moving parts. Choosing a topic, recording, editing, tagging, publishing – not to mention setting the whole thing up to begin with. Whether you need help from start to finish, or with just a few parts of the process, Wendel can provide professional podcast production services to…


Don’t be fooled by other services offering ‘plans’ or ‘packages’ for podcast production. Guess what happens when you sign up for a 5-episode/month package, but you only record 3 episodes… That’s right – no refunds, no credits, just wasted money. No two podcasts are alike, and therefore cannot be properly quoted in a ‘monthly package’…

About Wendel

Wendel is a US Veteran & freelance Graphic Designer who enjoys editing audio & creating captivating videos. 

Contact Information

Contact information for Wendel Topper: Email: WendelTopper@gmail.com Phone: 1 (206) 395-9802 Twitter: @WendelisWinning Skype: wendel.topper Or, leave a reply below with your preferred contact method and I will get back to you A.S.A.P.