How It Works

Podcasting is an art form comprised of many, many moving parts. Choosing a topic, recording, editing, tagging, publishing – not to mention setting the whole thing up to begin with. Whether you need help from start to finish, or with just a few parts of the process, Wendel can provide professional podcast production services to podcasters looking to concentrate on creating the best content possible.

Podcast Episode Production



  • Remove pauses, ‘umms’ & ‘uhhs’
  • Remove Background Noise
  • Apply Vocal Balancing, Leveling, & EQ
  • Stitch Together Multiple Tracks
  • Add Intro/Outro, Commercials, Music
  • Audio Cleaning & Volume Leveling
  • Export to High Quality .mp3
  • Apply Proper ID3 Meta Tags
  • Create Show Notes & Transcriptions
  • Delivery or Publication of Episode


Setting Up a New Podcast




  • Consultation re: Concept & Plan
  • New Feed Creation
  • iTunes Compliant Artwork
  • Submission to iTunes & Google Play
  • Full Self-Hosted Podcast Websites
  • Intro/Outro Creation
  • Help With Sourcing Music
  • Social Media Setup
  • Consultation re: Promotions



Other Podcast Services




  • Turn Your Podcast Into a YouTube Channel
  • YouTube Channel Setup
  • YouTube Integration & SEO
  • Create Videos From Episodes
  • Twitter/FaceBook Setup
  • Manage Your Social Media
  • Teaser Videos for Upcoming Episodes
  • Create Branded Banners for Social Media

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